Jun 7th, 2018

Fill your life with adventures, not things.

Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.


The team here at Active Earth Adventures has a real passion for active travel and wild places. Like you, we cannot spend our entire lives traveling but we love to be energised by inspirational adventure quotes.


Friday afternoons often require an extra coffee (or a glasss of wine!) and a little inspiration for the weekends, so "like" our Facebook page and be inspired each Friday.




Tea-time on Monday mornings are the best: except when you miss out on telling your story because someone else was telling a never-ending story :)




Our Must Do lists are growing every day...there is so much to explore!




An adventure is an unusual and exciting or daring experience. You don't need to jump out of an aeroplane to have an adventure - for some people a walk over a swing bridge can be an adventure! It is just about getting out of your comfort zone.




When you start planning your next adventure think about involving your friends and family; encouraging them to join you or follow your adventure updates.




Enough of the inspiration - start planning YOUR next adventure!


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