What is the world's largest island? Greenland!

It is also the country with the lowest population density and one of the smallest capitals in the world. Further, it is an exciting Arctic adventure destination where you can experience dog sledding, northern lights, whales, icebergs, the ice cap, pioneering people and lots more.

Greenland isn't only the unique nature, with its intense colour contrasts, or the incredible variations of ice and snow, that fascinate visitors in Greenland. It is the contrast between the familiar modernity of the cities with internet cafés, fashion shops, hotels and restaurants on the one hand, and the old Greenland, the roadless infrastructure and the villages in the countryside on the other hand. These contrasts also characterise the people who live there. Despite the new technological developments of internet and satellite television they maintain their original culture and their complicated language. Their openness and warmth is impressive.

Ice-Cold Adventure

Due to the minimal road network in Greenland visitors seem to be on an ice-cold adventure when exploring the country. Whether you are hiking, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing or travelling by dog sled, snow and ice determine the track and rhythm of your movement. On the sea the ice dictates the path of the vessels. Transits are constantly changing; the journey itself is the destination for the astonished visitor. Even domestic flights are unique experiences with spectacular views of ice, fjords, rugged mountains and green pastures.

Holistic Experience

There is no better way to experience Arctic nature than with dog sledding. What most people visiting Greenland don't know, and what is unique about dog sledding in Greenland, is that the visitor gets confronted with Inuit culture along the ride. The visitor will get the opportunity to feel like a real Greenlander, who adapts to the robust environment that surrounds them. Compared to other Arctic locations, dog sledding in Greenland is seen as a way of life rather than as a necessity.

Hiking in Greenland

If you are looking for a sense of freedom during your hike, Greenland is the perfect spot! You will follow hiking trails bordered by bold rock formations and purple Arctic flowers, and realise that Greenland’s mighty nature, untouched by humans, is just as it has been for thousands of years. You will be able to enjoy and hear the sounds of silence and the Arctic calm. Just breathe in Greenland.

Midnight Sun

Experience the unusual phenomenon of a day which has neither a beginning nor an end and explore how the small communities spend their time until the early hours.


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Northern Lights

Get caught up in one of the most magical moments on earth: the dancing northern lights. In the period from September to the beginning of April the night sky is regularly illuminated by the green glow of the northern lights.


Due to the gigantic ice sheet that covers most of the country, it is not unusual to see glaciers in Greenland. Nevertheless, there are only a few spots where it is possible for visitors to explore the glaciers.

One of those glaciers can be approached either by the Greenland Wild Hikes or the Greenland Iceberg Trail offered by Active Earth Adventures.

Most of Greenland’s glaciers are slow-moving rivers of ice that develop from the ice sheet. Therefore, the term glacier can only be used when the ice begins to move otherwise you just call it an iceberg.

The Ice Cap

Nature lovers are usually stunned when they see the gigantic ice cap in Greenland. The first encounter with the ice sheet is unforgettable; the peaceful silence and the terrific ice makes an impression. In some places it is possible to walk on this historical ice sheet, an experience of a lifetime.

The Wild Greenland

Not only is the nature impressive but also the Greenlandic fauna with its fascinating species of animals that have adapted to the Arctic climate, such as the polar bear, the musk ox, the narwhal and the walrus. But smaller mammals can also be found including wolves, arctic foxes and mountain hares. For visitors who are interested in birdlife or bird watching, Greenland offers 60 different species of birds.



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