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Antarctica, the ‘frozen continent,’ exists for most people only as a vaguely-imagined setting for tales of exploration and discovery, usually involving extreme hardship in unforgiving conditions.

Still virtually uninhabited today, for the few privileged enough to visit, Antarctica is a true wilderness, harbouring wildlife and scenery like nowhere else on the planet.

Your unforgettable Antarctic journey will have you encountering penguins, soaring birds, whales and seals in an unparalleled scenery featuring icebergs shaped by the sea into incredible forms. Landscapes drawn in white and dozens of shades of purest blue will take your breath away as you travel through this startling environment.

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Galapagos of the Southern Ocean

Days: 13 days
Start/Finish: Invercargill - Invercargill
Price: USD $7,000.00
Accommodation: Cabins


This is without doubt one of the most inspiring and informative journeys into the Southern Ocean ecosystem that one can make.

Birding Sub Antarctic

Days: 19 days
Start/Finish: Invercargill/Dunedin
Price: USD $11,250.00
Accommodation: Cabins


With the most diverse collection of seabirds in the world, you can be sure you are in ‘birdwatcher’s paradise’ in the Sub Antarctic Islands.

South to Antarctica

Days: 30 days
Start/Finish: Invercargill or Lyttleton
Price: USD $23,000.00
Accommodation: Cabins


A bucket list journey. Spend ten days of the thirty in the Ross Sea, travelling ashore to soak in the scenery, the wildlife and the history of Antarctica.

Sub Antarctic Islands

Days: 8 days
Start/Finish: Invercargill
Price: USD $4,600.00
Accommodation: Cabins


An insightful journey to some of the ‘forgotten islands’ of the South Pacific.