British Columbia Mountain Adventure

Days: 7 days
Start/Finish: Anahim Lake / Bella Coola
Price: USD $3,399.00
Accommodation: Cabins, Lodges

Set in the deep wilderness of The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Region, this BC adventure tour allows you to experience exclusive alpine hiking around the remote and stunning wilderness areas of the West Chilcotin, accessed only by float plane.

Greenland Iceberg Trail

Days: 14 days
Start/Finish: Reykjavik, Iceland
Price: NZD $5,150.00
Accommodation: Camping, Lodges

A spectacular backpacking journey through the mountain and coastal wilderness of Greenland’s fjorded east coast. This trip combines valley and shoreline walking with climbing to high points.

Across the Top of the World

Days: 15 days
Start/Finish: Nome, Alaska or Anadyr, Russia
Price: USD $11,200.00
Accommodation: Cabins

This unique expedition crosses the Arctic Circle and includes the isolated and pristine Wrangel and Herald Islands and a significant section of the wild North Eastern Siberian coastline.

Discover South Pacific

Days: 14 days
Start/Finish: Madang, Honiara
Price: USD $6,995.00
Accommodation: Cabins


Uncover the hidden gems of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. From the culturally rich arterial of the Sepik River sail north across the Bismarck Sea to the remote shores of Manus and Mussau Islands.

Secrets of the South Pacific

Days: 12 days
Start/Finish: Honiara/Port Vila
Price: USD $5,995.00
Accommodation: Cabins


Sail into a world that few have ever experienced; idyllic islands and isolated villages where unique time-honoured traditions and elaborately costumed dancers welcome you into their world.