The staff made this an excellent experience

 I travelled on the “Ross Sea Antarctic Cruising: In the Wake of Scott & Shackleton” expedition in Feb 2017 and can’t speak highly enough of the experience I had. Our Expedition Leader, Samuel, was exceptional. His open, clear communication, vast knowledge of the areas we went to and good humor at all times made for a wonderful trip. The other staff were equally as good. Having staff aboard that have been involved in Antarctic research and preservation meant we were able to share in their vast experiences and have our attention brought to items that one would otherwise simply overlook. The wildlife we experienced on the trip, both animal and plant, was amazing, and experiencing so much of the wildlife at very close proximity is something I’ll cherish. Thanks to the staff and crew for making such an excellent experience.

Brent Pizzato - New Zealand

best things we have ever done......

The trip is one of the best things we have ever done. Roger and I have travelled quite a bit over the years but Antarctica and the Sub Antarctic Islands were really special. Antarctica certainly exceeded our expectations and the Sub Antarctic Islands are worth a trip on their own - the NZ islands were a revelation to me. One thing worth mentioning is that we were particularly lucky with the weather. We had fine days at every Sub Antarctic Island which we were told is most unusual. Also, we were able to land at most places in the Ross Sea region listed in the brochure (only missing Scott and McMurdo Bases due to ice - the channel was cleared a week after we were there). The equivalent trip to ours in January 2009 (ie 12 months earlier) was unable to land as often as we did as there was too much ice. We were warned before we left that nothing could be guaranteed. I have nothing but praise for Heritage Expeditions. Rodney Russ, the owner and our tour leader, was excellent and the other staff very knowledgeable. The food was great too!

Janet and Roger Jeffreys - Australia. January 2010

Trip of a lifetime

I had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There were several highlights, overall the calm seas and the great weather that was put on; the time saved because we were able to do the Ross sea in just a couple of days enabled us to sail to the Balleny Islands. Rodney kept on saying "You don't know how blessed you are", and he was so right. And also to experience the historic huts and especially to go into Scott's hut at Cape Evans where my grandfather had been in 1910 to 1913, and again in 1963. Overall, it was a trip of a lifetime and memories to last for ever. I would like to thank you for your help, advise and assistance you gave me in the months leading up to my departure.
Thank you so much.